3 Tips To Stay Cool And Fashionable This Summer


The looser the the dress, the more delightful. The less fabric that comes into contact with your skin the more comfort you’ll feel this Summer. Tight fitted clothing will only make you feel more hot and sweaty and no one likes that uncomfortable clingy feeling that clothes may in warm weather. An obvious fashion fact for Summer is that a nice flowy dress will keep you fresher than a pair of jeans ever will.

That being said, a pair of slim jeans or even leggings is not practical for hot Summer days. The better options would be dresses, a-line skirts or even wide-leg linen pants. Additionally a nice kimono is also a good bet for staying fashionably fresh this Summer.

Heavy adornments such as large beading or metal based jewelry should definitely be kept to a minimum as such embellishments may add weight to your clothing. This will only bring it closer to your skin and trap your body heat.

So, if you want to look fresh and put together this summer then a cute flowy dress is your best bet because it can definitely avoid that awful feeling when your outfit isn’t comfortable AND it is smoldering outside! Feeling good about how you look always begins with how comfortable you are with what you are wearing



It’s no mystery that dark colors absorb more light which definitely increases your body temperature and can yet again lead to that uncomfortable sweaty feeling. Bright colors on the other hand will keep you cool and fresh this Summer.

Beyond this, colors affect the way people feel. Which is why light colored clothing can even improve one’s mood while still keeping you fashionable with the season. This is why we pride ourselves on releasing new collections for every season

Not surprisingly, lighter colors will also help you stand out in a crowd and appear softer and a bit more approachable. So a nice light wide pair of linen trousers can protect your modesty while keeping you comfortable and friendly to look at. So don’t be shy and rock your best dress this Summer



Cotton fabric is one of the most popular natural breathable material out there. Cotton enables air to circulate through the fibres which keeps your body cool and fresh. Linen is another good example of a breathable fabric for hot weather. So when opting for a nice cute dress or skirt this Summer make sure that the garment is not only stylish but breathable as well.